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* List of Events, April 3-7, 1977

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The “Kent State Collection” at Yale

Description of the Collection

The “Kent State Collection” at Yale

Description of the Collection

The major part of the the papers came to Yale on the seventh anniversary of the May 4, 1970, killings, and the Yale Political Union commemorated that gift by sponsoring a five-day colloquium featuring such civil libertarians as Henry Steele Commager and Aryeh Neier as well as Davies, Keane, and others who had long been studying and protesting what happened at Kent State.  
Since then the library has endeavored to build on this foundation by collecting other relevant manuscripts, but Davies' papers remain the core of the Collection.


April 3-7

Sunday, April 3

1:45 Law School Auditorium, 

Keynote Ceremonies


FILM  Kent State: May 1970

ALVA COX, producer of Kent State: May, 1970

PETER DAVIES will respond to questions about the film

4:00 WLH 115 

Kent: A Wake 
 a dramatic production by the
Occidental College Readers Theater

7:30 LC 102

 The Nixon Administration and Kent State

J. ANTHONY LUKAS, Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist

PETER DAVIES, author of The Truth About Kent State:
A Challenge to the American Conscience

FRANK DONNER, author-lawyer

ROBERT MURPHY, writer of the Justice Department
report on Kent State and prosecutor for the Federal Government

REVEREND JOHN ADAMS, Director of Law, Justice and                                                   Community Affairs of the Board of Church and
Society of the United Methodist Church

Monday, April 4

3:00 WLH 115 

An Examination of the Rhetoric of Kent State


              PROFESSOR GREGORY PAINE, Professor of Speech /Communication at Occidental College

4:00 WLH 115

 Kent: A Wake

7:15 WLH 201 

What Can Be Learned from Kent State?

GLENN OLDS, President, Kent State University

PAUL KEANE, former coordinator of the Kent
State Center for Peaceful Change

Tuesday, April 5

4:00 Davies Auditorium – films

A Part of the Family and Kent State: May, 1970

7:30 Law School Room 127 

Kent State and the Law

ARYEH NEIER, Executive Director of the American Civil
Liberties Union

BENSON WOLMAN, Executive Director of the Ohio
Chapter of the ACLU

SANFORD JAY ROSEN, chief counsel for the plaintiffs
in the civil suits

PROFESSOR THOMAS EMERSON, Lines Professor of Law Emeritus, Yale University

8:00 WLH 

Kent: A Wake

Wednesday, April 6

7:45 WLH

The Larger Issues of Kent State

of History, Amherst College

Thursday, April 7

4:00 and 9:00 Davies Auditorium – films

Kent State: May, 1970 and A Part of the Family

7:45 LC 102 

The Scranton Commission

JAMES AHERN, former New Haven police chief and
Member of the Scranton Commission